Why sign up with indie boost?

Indie boost aims to cut deliver you games that you are most interested in

With thousands of games being released each month it is harder than ever to keep track of all of the releases, do you find yourself often having to sift through hundreds of games and emails trying to find titles you are interested in? Indie Boost aims to deliver you only the review codes for games that you are most likely to be interested in by asking you to pick the categories you are interested in as well as curating the games based on your previous interests

Indie Boost will send you review codes for new and upcoming indie games that most interest you, there is no obligation to produce content but we do appreciate it when you share your content with us and the game developers :)

How it works

Setting up your account is easy

You can easily set up your Indie Boost account by signing up for the relevant program above. Simply follow these steps

  1. Choose to sign in with your Twitch account, Youtube account or a ganeral Media account
  2. Let us know what your favorite types of games are
  3. Await your verification email (*verification will begin on February 1st

That's it, you will then automatically receive games to your email address and be able to directly redeem your review keys from your profile page.

Indie Boost has represented hundreds of indie titles

We've represendet hundreds of games from small to medium developers and publishers and aim to become the go to place for indie developers to promote their games in 2018

Paid Content Opportunities

While most games that you receive from Indie Boost will be a no obligation deal, we will also be sending paid opportunities should you opt into the paid content program.

Simply make sure to tick the section on your profile that asks you if you are interested in producing paid content and we will be in touch when opportunities that might interest you arise

Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions about the paid content program